Boat Accessories

After market boat accessories can greatly enhance your boating experience. After market equipment comes in several different categories including however, not limited to storage, lighting, security, and convenience.


Navigation Lights

Every where you look, everyone has a cupful of their favorite beverage in hand. This has created a major need for cup holders. There are now cup holders in each and every vehicle you may ride in including; your bicycle, your vehicle, the taxi, as well as you new boat. When you have an older vehicle or boat, it's simple to add cup holders anywhere you need to. If your boat already has cup holders, you can add additional ones to locations are more convenient. This really is one of the great ways you can customize an already great boat.

In the galley you can install magnetic strips to hang utensils so they are readily available when you need them. Plastic utensils are available with holes inside the handles so they can hold on a hook. All you have to do is supply the hooks. Many of the metal utensils come with holes in the handle so you can also hang them on the hook.


One of the major problems on every boat is how you can store things. Regardless of how big your boat is, there always is apparently something to be store. Some of the boat accessories for storage include storage bags for spare or storm anchors, bags to store propane grills when they're not in use, kits to safely mount grills on rails when they're in use, and wall mounts to mount fishing rods, along with other fishing items out of the way when they are not in use.

Safety equipment bags will also be very handy. In the eventuality of an emergency grab one bag which is equipped with everything you need. An initial Aid kit, emergency beacon, flares and flare gun, emergency rations, water filter and portable radio can all go in a dry bag for fast access when trouble arises.

Waterproof bags may also be used for storing computers, cameras, clothing, tools, and food.


If you own an older boat may possibly not have an adequate variety of lights or they might not be very bright. By replacing the prevailing lights with Leds, you will significantly increase your amount and quality of the lighting available for every boating task that could arise. You can also add boat powered or battery-powered lights for map tables, bunk lighting, and helm lighting.


You may also get after market travel to enhance the security of one's boat. Whether you have a new boat or even an old boat it is possible to install locking fuel filler caps, motion detectors for deck lighting and remote access cameras.